Launched in 2016, Kompleto is a turnkey and design company dedicated to getting the job done in the most efficient, time-effective and high-quality manner possible.

Made up of a growing team, Kompleto is led by Kirk Psaila, who brings decades of design and project management experience to the table. The company’s key focus is on attention to detail, regardless of the type of venture that is being tackled. From interior design to site work, the team doesn’t just work on projects but commits to them in a holistic manner that ensures the highest-possible standards. Thinking well ahead and foreseeing potential problems is another cornerstone of Kompleto’s approach – no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of client satisfaction.

Now established as a respected player within the sector, Kompleto has grown quickly – and it is interesting to note how much has been achieved in the company’s short lifespan so far. Mr Psaila, while aware of the risks that would go into setting up a company of this sort, was keen to go ahead regardless, so as to achieve his entrepreneurial dream.

As result, Kompleto was created over the course of a few months with the assistance of a close friend who understood and supported the exceptional ethos that Mr Psaila had in mind. And the outcomes have been clear: in the short year since Kompleto first opened its doors, over 30 projects have been completed or undertaken – a very high number for a start-up in the competitive construction industry. The company grew quickly from a one-man-band to a strong team of six, which is in itself also an achievement. It has also made a number of noteworthy achievements, including the set up of offices and stores, as well as the acquisition of vehicles and tools – all of which happened within a few short weeks. The team, meanwhile, already consists of the directors, as well as an accounts and administration manager, assistant interior designer, project manager, foreman and site workers, all of whom have been busy since day the company launched.

One of the reasons for this success is Kompleto’s unfaltering dedication to innovation – the company puts new ideas at the very centre of everything that it does. The teamhas extensive knowledge of the latest products and technology available, and adopts the latest techniques, materials and systems. Kompleto even creates its own twists on existing technologies to ensure customers have access to solutions that are tailor-made to their unique requirements. With this in mind, ‘off the shelf’ systems are avoided in favour of custom-built solutions and in-house fabricated systems.

In fact, this is a company that doesn’t just set its sights on design but which has a vision for everything that it does. Naturally, this involves anticipating problems and challenges well in advance, so that they can be imagined and avoided – thus saving their clients time and money. The Kompleto team prides itself on being a reliable partner to its customers – many of whom do not have the time to be heavily involved in the projects they take on. They believe their customers find this level of involvement and reliability to be a huge asset throughout the inevitable challenges that crop up during a construction or design endeavour.

From a strategy perspective, Kompleto aims to be a one-stop-solution that clients can trust with their projects from start to finish. The company’s set up enables it to leave things completely in the company’s hands – be it supplying the appropriate materials, planning the budgets, or completing the heavy workload on time.

Internally, Mr Psaila is also forward-thinking with his strategy, and chooses to invest in the Kompleto team so as to ensure the highest possible standards at every stage. This is designed to bring all employee operations in line with Kompleto’s reputation and to give them the experience that will exceed client expectations. Adaptability is also an important trait, as the team is committed to shaping itself to match the requirements of its customers, regardless of how complex or particular. In fact, Kompleto prides itself on the strong client relationships that have been built since its conception, as well as the alliances that have been made with key suppliers and subcontractors, who are essential to positive results that the company prides itself on achieving. This also extends to the company’s provision of innovative products, which it sources overseas and provides to the local market.

Along with innovation, corporate social responsibility remains at the heart of everything Kompleto does. The company is highly aware of its environmental impact and tries to use eco-friendly practices whenever possible – from the adoption of materials to the use of certain techniques. Kompleto also encourages the restoration or existing, traditional and historic features, and proposes them as part of its plans. Beyond that, it is focused on being an active and positive part of the community, and the company directors regularly contribute to charity and donate funds, especially in relation to organisations working to alleviate childhood illness. Mr Psaila, in fact, is very grateful for the help that he received on his own journey and is eager to help as many people as possible today.

This sentiment extends to Kompleto’s approach to human resources. The company is eager to hire staff who show promise, regardless of their qualifications or background. It is this spirit of community that the Kompleto team believe sets them apart within the industry, and which provides the impetus for long-lasting relationships, both with staff and customers. In fact, the company is proud that the majority of its clients are repeat ones, many of whom are returning to launch their third or fourth consecutive projects with the company.